Professor Dr. Peter Kruse

Professor Dr. Peter Kruse is the founder and presiding genius of nextpractice. Trained as a scientist, he worked for over 15 years at the interface of neurophysiology and experimental psychology investigating the ways intelligent networks deal with complexity. In the early 1990s he reorganized the management of a family-owned manufacturing company and founded a consultancy focused on the implementation and application of self-organizing concepts in critical business issues. His own unique approach to change management and the many inspirational and trailblazing talks he has given have earned him a high reputation as a consultant both in Germany and abroad.

In 2005 Computerwoche magazine called this award-winning thinker “Germany’s Leading Change Management Guru”. In 2009 Personalmagazin included him, not for the first time, in its list of the “40 Top Minds in Human Resources Management”. In 2010 the network expert Peter Kruse was invited to join the German Bundestag’s commission of inquiry on “The Internet and Digital Society”. Today his main interest lies in the analysis of change on the markets and in society and its implementation for sustainably successful entrepreneurship.

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