Brand Management

Brand positioning

Make your message resonate in the hearts of your customers

The adaptation, modification or repositioning of a brand requires careful consideration. Companies are therefore often faced with various questions: What does our brand actually stand for in the customer’s thinking. Have our marketing messages been well received? What changes would be effective while also resonating?

The answers to these questions are of paramount importance if the brand is to continue to fulfil an important function in the future: in a constantly changing world that is difficult to comprehend, brands are a useful tool for helping to reduce complexity and provide orientation in purchasing decisions for customers and consumers – and they have a largely subconscious effect.

With our nextexpertizer analysis method , we can determine the brand perception of your customers without any assistance. Brand analysis answers many questions: Which products best support the brand? How does the brand distinguish itself from the competition? Do the marketing campaigns and ambassadors suit the brand? Does a multi-brand strategy make sense, or is it necessary at all when markets are becoming more and more differentiated?

In-depth knowledge of the effective value and preference patterns within a market is an indispensable success factor for resonant, strategic brand management, because a ” brand ” is a resonance that will always touch the hearts of your customers – or not influence them at all.


  • Positioning & benchmarking

  • Assessment of specificity and profiling of your own brand

  • Determination of attitudes towards competitors

  • Image assessment


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